Driver Support (Driver Detective)

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Driver Support (Driver Detective) is a tool that monitors and scans your Windows computer's drivers and keeps them always updated to the latest version


Keep your computer's drivers always up to date

December 24, 2019
8 / 10

A driver or controller is a piece of software that takes care of putting in touch your computer's hardware with its logical unit. In other words, it's the interpreter between components such as your video card or mouse, to name just a few, and your operating system. And having them up to date is the best way to keeping them working at full throttle and in accordance with Windows.

Forget about your computer's drivers

You might have plenty of drivers installed on your computer and if you had to check them all one by one to see if they're up to date or not in order to download and install the latest version you'd probably get bored and ignore many of them. That's why it's so important to download a tool of the likes of Driver Support (Driver Detective).

This software takes care of monitoring the drivers and constantly checking if there are new versions and which ones are more appropriate for our computer. Thus, we won't have to pay attention to those updates and your computer and its components will always be up to date.

Once installed, this program analyzes our computer to then show us a list of components installed and their drivers. You can choose between updating them manually or automatically.

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