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May 10, 2012
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Your computer's performance can be increased in many different ways, replacing the hardware for a more powerful one or using software like eBoostr, that has the purpose of optimizing the entire operating system's functioning, and especially that of the RAM memory and the operating system cache.

  On many occasions, to find certain data on the hard drive it's necessary to go through dozens of unnecessary files, this affects our computer's performance and eBoostr acts directly on that kind of behavior. Furthermore, eBoostr focuses its optimization on programs that are used by many people, like iTunes, Word, Adobe Reader or Internet Explorer. Thanks to this, it manages to make the system seem much lighter and quicker.

  As well as optimizing the system, eBoostr does so more efficiently, creating a cache memory in the devices that adapt best. Thus, a USB 2.0 memory can be an excellent help to optimize the performance of any PC thanks to eBoostr. It will only be necessary to tell the program that a device that can work as cache memory has been connected so that the software can configure it and put it to work instantly.

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The trial version can be used for 2 hours.
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