EnhanceMySe7en allows you to optimize Windows 7 as much as possible. Download EnhanceMySe7en free and make the most of the best Microsoft operating system

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There are multiple utilities to optimize Microsoft's operating systems: Windows XP and Windows Vista, and now, there are also interesting tools for the same purpose for Windows 7.

  EnhanceMySe7en is an operating system optimizer, that includes a wide array of functions by means of which we will be able to obtain the best performance from Windows 7.

  The functions that are included in this application are:
- Process Identification. Identifies the applications that are currently running.
- Start-Up Management. Deactivates the unnecessary utilities that start-up with Windows by default.
- Registry Cleaner. Eliminate and/or repair the invalid entries from the Windows Registry.
- Disk Cleaner. Analyzes your hard drives files and space use.
- Registry Defragmenter. Defrags the Registry entries, reducing their access time.
- Disk Defragmenter. Defrags the hard drives.
- Hard Drive Monitor. Offers a vast array of parameters to optimize the hard drive.
- System Tools, File, Network and Security Tools.
- Security. Manages a wide array of options for the system's security.
- Optimization. Optimize the system to obtain maximum speed, with the best possible stability.
- Customization. Offers customization options for our desktop, the icons, ...
- Network. Optimize the Internet connection.

  Discover these functions and many more with EnhanceMySe7en!
Requirements and additional information:
This application is only compatible with Windows 7. In the free version not all functions you can use in the paid version are available.
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