Epson Print and Scan Control printers in a centralized manner with Epson Print and Scan and make use of the Epson Connect technology to print or scan images and documents
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What if your office isn't any bigger than a breadbox and you don't have room for a printer? Or if there's only one printer for the entire office? Well, there's no problem at all. With Epson Connect you can print documents and photos without needing any cables, straight from your computer, tablet or smartphone. By simply accessing your WiFi network you can send documents to your printer from your PC or your mobile device to get them printed.

And to make things even easier, there are applications of the likes of Epson Print and Scan that you can download to your computer for free. The only drawback is that if you're still on Windows 7, you'll have to forget about this program, as it only works on Windows 8 and above. With this tool, you can print and scan images wherever you are with loads of options to choose from.

This app offers you additional options to print your photos and a practical way of scanning and capturing images straight fom your Microsoft tablet or OneDrive.

Main features

When it comes to using the printing functions, you can:

  • Choose your device.
  • Preview the document.
  • Select the type and size of the paper.
  • Color mode function.
  • Different resolutions available.
  • Choose the paper source.

And if you use the scanning options, you'll be able to:

  • Choose your device.
  • Preview the document.
  • Preset scanning and digitization size.
  • Resolution.
  • Color mode options.

All the latter, from an improved user interface and a simple environment that's pretty straightforward without unnecessary options. The manufacturer of this app warns that at present it's not available with all-in-one devices with USB connection and reminds us that this tool can't be used with all Epson scanners and printer models.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 8.1.
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