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Escritorio Movistar will allow you to use the Internet connection of your mobile telephone on your computer's desktop. Download Escritorio Movistar for free

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Escritorio Movistar is the solution developed by the leading telephone company in Spain and South America to be able to enjoy an Internet connection via a mobile phone of that company from the desktop of any computer, allowing the users to send and receive emails, visit their favorite websites or send and receive SMS messages, among other things.

  The program offers us the possibility to access the Internet by means of a USB modem, the 3G connection of a mobile or through any of the official Movistar Wi-Fi distribution sources. The interface is rather appealing, because all the functions are clearly distributed and it isn't at all complex to access each function.

  As well as being able to manage your Movistar email account, you'll be able to send, receive and manage SMS messages, take part in video conferences, manage your phone book and view how much data you have used.

  If you were looking for an application with which you can make the most of your mobile data connection, don't hesitate about downloading Escritorio Movistar right now for free.
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