ExamXML is a program that serves to be able to compare two XML files. Find the differences between two similar XML files once you download ExamXML


Compare two XML files

March 7, 2022
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The XML (Extensible Markup Language) programming language uses a format that is, at the same time, comprehensible for people and machines. And when it is necessary to compare the contents of two files which use this format, nothing better than ExamXML.

Compare two XML files

Once you load two XML files with ExamXML the first thing it will do is compare the contents of both files and mark the differences that exist between one file and another. Thanks to this a user will be able to find the different modifications which have been carried out.

To make this task easier, ExamXML offers the user the possibility to show on screen only the entries which are identical or those that are different between both files.

Additional functions

If this wasn't enough, ExamXML includes the possibility to ignore elements during the comparative process, with the user having full control over which elements will be ignored.

What's more, ExamXML include two options that can come in very handy to many users, which are:

  • Merge the data of both XML files.
  • Transform an XML file into a CSV.

Therefore, if you need an application which will allow you to compare two XML files, you only have to download ExamXML.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The application trial period lasts for 30 days.

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