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Extension Indexer analyzes folders and subfolders and list all the files that they contain by extension. Organize your folders with Extension Indexer


Analyze folders and order their contents by extension

September 6, 2011
6 / 10

The tools to maintain your hard drive and the files that it contains organized, are necessary, especially when you aren't particularly well known for being organized. Extension Indexer is capable of organizing your most unorganized folders quickly by means of the files extensions.

Extension Indexer will ask you to locate a folder before starting off. It is capable of scanning and listing all the files of a folder and the subfolders showing them grouped by file extension. Once it is done, it will be you that has to organize them making the most of the programs functions.


  • Launch any file by double clicking on it.
  • Select a single file or a group of file with the same extension, or select an extension that includes all the corresponding files.
  • Quickly delete all the files that you have selected.
  • Move all the files selected from a common folders. If you already have files with the same name you can choose what to do: overwrite, cancel moving them or rename them.
  • Eliminate folders that end up empty after the program's operation.
  • Get to know the size of your files individually or all the folder.

Order a folder's files by extension, name or date.

Working with Extension Indexer

Once installed, locate the folder that you want to analyze. All the files that are present within it will be shown perfectly grouped according to its extension on the left column of the interface. Together with each kind of file you will see a number: it indicates the exact amount of files for each extension.

The listed files will be shown together the path information, name, extension and size, information that you can order in descending and ascending order. At the bottom of the interface you will also have the buttons to eliminate and move files as well as to update the file lists.

Extension Indexer is large organization tool. Everyone has folders full of all different kinds of files. Download Extension Indexer free and you will be able capable of organizing them in very little time.

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