F1 2011

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Drive your new racing car with F1 2011, the official game of the Formula 1 World Championship. Discover all the championship's new aspects with F1 2011


Live all the excitement of the F1

February 6, 2013
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Take part in the most important competition of the racing car world with F1 2011, a video game that recreates the experience of driving a Formula 1 car during the 2011 World Championship.

Do you want to drive an F1 car? In F1 2011 you will get behind the wheel of a racing car. You can now imitate the deeds of Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and the rest of drivers on the grid!

Excellent sense of realism

Codemasters, the company in charge of developing F1 2011, has done a great job in terms of design and graphics, offering the player the most realistic experience seen to the date.

Furthermore, F1 2011 includes all the season's changes of rules, including the DRS and KERS systems.

Features of F1 2011

  • Several game modes: single race, championship, career mode...
  • Play games off and online against drivers from all over the world.
  • Take advantage of the new DRS system that makes it easier to overtake during the race.
  • EGO engine that offers detailed graphics of cars, drivers and tracks.
  • Modify the settings of your car freely to obtain the perfect setup.
  • Choose between the different tyre compounds offered by the supplier.

This introductory video will show you what F1 2011 is like. Get ready for the start of the season: put your foot down and cross the finish line in the first position!

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