FCleaner keeps your computer in optimum conditions. Download FCleaner for free to optimize how your computer works with the cleaning tools it includes

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The name FCleaner will surely remind you of the popular CCleaner, that many users already know. And rightly so, as FCleaner is an excellent alternative to other programs used to keep our computer in perfect conditions.
As soon as we launch the application, we'll notice its clean and accessible interface, with all the elements we could possibly need to keep our PC in shape. Thus, by means of the top menu we can access:

  - Cleaning of our computer's elements, by means of three tabs we can clean Windows, our browsers or the applications that we have installed.
- Unistallation of programs, from where we can fully uninstall any application, repair it or even have it updated.
- Start manager, where we can control the programs launched by default when Windows is booted.
- Tools, that simplify the access to our computer's most interesting utilities.
- Options, so that we can configure the application to our own liking.
- Status, with all the information about FCleaner.

  FCleaner cleans and optimizes your system, browsers and whatever applications you have installed, in order to make your computer work quickly and efficiently as if it were the very first day.
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