Filealyzer analyzes the files of your choice to show you complete information. Download Filealyzer free to be able to analyze your files whenever you want

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The Windows Explorer offers you the possibility to access brief information about a file by right clicking on the file and selecting the "Properties" option from the context menu. In the pop-up window we'll be able to find general data like the version, size, modification data,...

  But if you want to perform a thorough analysis of a file to obtain more complete information, it's advisable to use a specific application like Filealyzer.

  Filealyzer, formerly known as FileAnalyzer, analyzes any file and shows a complete report in which it includes general features like name, location, data and attributes, the version if applicable, the CRC-32 and MD5 checks, if it's an executable, the resources that it uses (icons, text or images), the PE header that describes the files structure, etc. Furthermore, you can view a hex dump with the possibility to perform searches.

  To use this utility all we have to do is select the file, right click with the mouse and choose "Analyze file with FileAlyzer" from the context menu. Once it has generated the report you can store it in a text file, in HTML or XML format. It also has an option to copy it straight to the clipboard, as well as performing a partial copy with just some of the data.
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