FileSieve is a tool to order all your files and folder following a specific criteria. Download FileSieve free and order all of your computer's files


Order all your PC files

August 16, 2022
7 / 10

FileSieve is the perfect program for those people that have an outstanding amount of folder and files on their computer and they want to establish some type of logic to them. Its a free easy-to-use tool that allows to order files by establishing different criteria. If you have decided to order all of your files, FileSieve can come in very handy.

How does FileSieve work?

To use FileSieve you will only have to follow the steps indicated by the application:

  1. Choose the folder or folders that you want to organize.
  2. Choose the destination where the ordered files will be stored.
  3. Select the options and criteria with FileSieve will use to organize the files.
  4. Establish the copying mode. FileSieve will allow you to copy the files to the new location, move them or simulate to check what they would look like.

FileSieve will start the process and in very little time you will be able to see the results. The application will have ordered in folders all the files following the preestablished criteria. What's more, you will be able to choose between 13 organization modes, for example, depending on the file extension, on size, name or the owner.

You no longer have any excuse to maintain your computer disordered. Download FileSieve and organize all your files.

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