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Fireworks works with vector graphics and bitmaps to make it easier to design any website. Download Fireworks and make the most of all its features


The interface and website editor by Adobe

March 8, 2017
6 / 10

Fireworks is one of the many quality programs that Adobe has managed to develop over the years to complement its other applications, allowing the user to be able to generate the base for any website so as to later finish off the job with the rest of tools by this company.

Image editing for websites

Fireworks is focused on handling vector graphics, bitmap images and with the main idea of optimizing the usability and user interface of any website, this application is really complete and integrates perfectly with Dreamweaver and Flash.

Thus, Fireworks is aimed at the creation of user interfaces, for this purpose, it integrates support for several technologies by Adobe, as well as the possibility to import and synchronize files from all the rest of programs owned by the company. Furthermore, in its design facet it allows us to create shades, gradients, to modify typographies, it is possible to work with layers and to easily apply effects to any project.

Since many interfaces are designed using standard languages, Fireworks supports CSS, HTML, XML (FXG), JavaScript, has an advanced text and typography engine,... All of this with the main idea in mind to help any user to improve the design of any website.

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