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Folder Axe is capable of dividing the contents of a single folder into a subfolder to improve how your files are organized. Download Folder Axe free


Divide the contents of a folder into various

September 15, 2011
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Packing folders full of files is very common. It can happen that you lose all sense of order within your folders and that you use them to store absolutely everything until you have some free time to be able to organize their contents.

Until that happens, and to have all your folders organized, you can use Folder Axe. This free tool will allow you to divide the contents of your folders into subfolders to maintain the folders that they contain organized. If you use a folder as a ragbag in which to store everything that doesn't have a specific storage location, Folder Axe is the solution.

Folder Axe will allow you to divide the contents of your folder into various subfolders depending on three criteria:

  • Size of the files.
  • Amount of files per folder.
  • Name of the files.

Once you have defined the new structure, it will be Folder Axe that will create the new folders in the same folder that you want to order. There is no size limit, Folder Axe will be capable of processing everything.

Order maniacs

Forget about the long periods of time lost ordering the contents of your folders. With Folder Axe this task is easier than ever. Gain in agility and speed by dividing your large folders into smaller folders that are easier to handle. The process is quick and automatic, very easy to carry out and perfect to establish order in the chaos. Download Folder Axe free!

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or above.

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