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Folder Guard is a tool that restricts the access to specific folders and files on the computer. Download Folder Guard and protect all your important data


Control who can access files, folders and the Windows Configuration

October 4, 2022
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When a computer is left as a showpiece, there is always a risk that someone with computer knowledge starts accessing unauthorized areas, or it could also happen if you share a PC with someone that has no idea of computing. That is when Folder Guard can come in very handy because it will help up restrict the access to some software areas.

Control who can access your folders and files

With Folder Guard, we can restrict the access to some folders (for example, those of other users), files and even configuration menus. This software will allow us to deactivate the access to Control Panels or System Properties easily. Thus we won't have to worry about anyone causing havoc on the computer, whether voluntarily or not.

What's more, if with think it necessary, we can also restrict the access to external units, this will allow us to deactivate both the CD/DVD drive, the USB connections and the memory card readers.

Folder Guard is a software application that is so advanced that it doesn't even allow us to encrypt the files that it is protecting, thus avoiding certain types of virus attacks.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This version is a trial that can be used for 30 days.
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