The first real PDF file editor

November 9, 2010
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In general, when we're sent a PDF file, it's impossible to edit it. That is why Foxit Software, experts in this specific format, have created Foxit PDF creator, to be able to open, modify and store any PDF document of our choice without any problems.

  Once we have opened any PDF with Foxit PDF Editor, we can click on any field, like images, text or the document background and edit it without any problems.

  To be realistic, Foxit PDF Editor isn't exactly Microsoft Word for PDF files, but this is mainly due to the limitation that the PDF format applies to its documents, because they aren't supposed to be editable in the first place. That's why Foxit PDF Editor allows us to correct texts quite easily, but won't allow us to write full paragraphs. Foxit PDF Editor is perfect to fix any part of a PDF on the go, updating it and editing typos.

  This simple PDF editor is perfect for those people that don't need to create PDF files from scratch, but do edit now and again.

Requirements and additional information:

The trial version adds a watermark to the documents created.
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Antony Peel

Antony Peel