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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the best tool to read, print or fill in forms on a PDF file, designed by Adobe Systems, the guys that created the format


Adobe's program to read and work with PDF files

March 21, 2024
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The PDF format was initially developed by Adobe Systems in order to bring portability to documents between different systems. In other words, it allowed us to read a document without suffering alterations, regardless of doing so on Windows, Mac or Linux, and now Android or iOS. The first version was born in 1993 and became an open standard in 2008 with an ISO standard that establishes the requirements to be considered as such. To open and read this format made up of vector images, bitmaps and text, there are loads of possibilities, but none of them are better than what you'll get if you download Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC, a program that ever since it was released has received regular updates.

Portable Document Format is the only solution to document portability.

What is Adobe Acrobat Reader? The best PDF reader

There's no doubt about it: it's the best reader for this file format that's capable of combining in the same file text, images, hypertext and multimedia contents. For such purpose, it comes along with the following features:

  • Open documents in PDF format and view their contents.
  • Edit, convert and combine PDFs thanks to the PRO version.
  • Several reading modes.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to handle the application.
  • Clean and simple interface to simplify reading and working with documents.
  • System to search for words or sentences within the document.
  • Text-to-speech function appropriate for people with reading problems.
  • Option to send forms.
  • Creation of sticky notes.
  • Print documents.
  • Highlight text.

Increase your information's security

Adobe Reader incorporates features that make it a tool that's perfect to work in environments or situations that require extra security. And the fact is that its Protected Mode, among others, help us to be less exposed to the theft of personal data and information when we open and fill in forms.

The standardization of the PDF format has made this tool essential.

We have to point out that one of the features that have turned PDF into a standard is its multiplatform nature. This format can be created, opened, and modified on almost any device and operating system, therefore, the volume of files coded under its parameters is absolutely huge, and therefore, the possibilities to have to handle them are also very high. For such reason, if you don't want to be without access to essential document support, you can't miss out on the chance to download Adobe Reader, the official tool to read PDF files created by Adobe Systems.

For such purpose, nobody should be surprised that we can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC and use the program on both Windows 11, as well as macOS, or Android in APK format, as well as iPhone or Linux.

More safety with the Protected Mode

At present, privacy and information security have become essential and key aspects. Thanks to the Protected Mode you can work documents and fill in forms exposing your data much less than before.

Improvements in the latest version:

  • Security fixes, bug fixes, and functionality improvements.
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