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Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is a powerful tool to read and edit PDF documents in plenty of manners. Start downloading this program to your Windows 10 PC


A complete PDF reader and editor

May 12, 2022
9 / 10

PDF files are very useful and can definitely get us out of a tight spot now and again. Do you have to hand in a project in DOC format but it includes so many images that it's too heavy to send by email? Afraid of having a really important document modified? Do you need to be able to read a report on your tablet or phone? The solution has to do with the PDF format, initially developed by the company Adobe Systems. But just admit it; editing or modifying a .pdf file can be a nightmare.

Precisely one of its main advantages has to do with how static the format is, but sometimes we need to work on those files and modify them, and on most occasions, we just end up giving up. And that's why a program of the likes of Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is just what we need.

All the advantages of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and a few more

Once installed on your computer, you'll be delighted to see that this tool offers you all the functions of Acrobat Pro DC but without having to pull your hand out of your pocket, and with plenty more options and possibilities.

With Xodo you can edit, write down notes, sign and share PDFs on your computer, mobile device and on the web.

Xodo PDF allows you to work with your files on OneDrive or from your own computer. Its exploration system is extremely fast, smooth and intuitive, allowing you to quickly switch between several viewing modes: continuous, single page, double page, with a front page, continuous double page, thumbnails, page turning, nighttime mode... The files can be saved in editing mode or with all the final changed inserted into the document (flattened copy).

But what's really so cool about this program is the wide range of options available in the editing mode:

  • Insert notes.
  • Highlight text.
  • Underline text.
  • Cross-out text.
  • Underline text with wavy lines.
  • Sign, draw, and handwrite.
  • Write text.
  • Draw arrows.
  • Draw lines.
  • Draw squares and rectangles.
  • Draw circles and ovals.

And all the latter, being able to choose between loads of colors, the thickness of the brush, the opacity and the size of the font. Just imagine all the possibilities offered by these functions on a touchscreen or graphical tablet.

Now all those things you used to do with Photoshop can now be done straight on the PDF file. And if you carry out loads of edits on your file, Xodo offers you a sort of index or outline that lists all the changes made. Now it's time to get ready to move over from Adobe Acrobat to Xodo PDF.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 8.1.
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