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Free ISO Burner is a very simple application, it has been designed to burn ISO images on optical discs. Create your own discs thanks to Free ISO Burner

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There are many advanced applications to create optical discs, but when it comes to burning an ISO images on to an optical disc it is a lot more practical to resort to a simple and easy solution like Free ISO Burner.

Create an optical disc in two simple steps.

With Free ISO Burner creating an optical disc is basically reduced to two steps, because it will only be necessary to choose the ISO image that you want to use and the recording unit where the process will take place to be able to start burning the disc.

If you are looking for an application with multiple options, this isn't the application for you. But if on the contrary you like simplicity, Free ISO Burner can become a very good solution, because the only options that it offers are to select the speed at which it will write, the maximum size of the cache and if the disc will be finalized or not once the ISO image is burnt.

Therefore, if you are looking for an application that will help you to burn your ISO disc images on to an optical disc, you only have to download Free ISO Burner.

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