FreeFixer is a tool designed to remove unwanted software from your PC, from adware to worms. Download FreeFixer to your computer right now for free

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No wonder we end up with unwanted applications and processes on our computer, despite all the security measures adopted, if we take into account the hours spent browsing the Internet and the amount of programs we install and uninstall on our PC. And to remove them, nothing better than FreeFixer.

Dectect all the system's elements

The main idea behind FreeFixer is to analyse all the system's entries in which unwanted software may appear, whether in boot executables, registry executables or processes, to name just a few possibilities.

Once you detect a process or entry that you want to remove, you only have to select it and tell FreeFixer to sort things out in order to delete it. And if it weren't possible due to system restrictions, the program's additional tools include File Nuker, which will remove the file the next time the system is shut down.

Furthermore, for those users without advanced computer knowledge, FreeFixer includes the possibility to see what other users have done with certain files on the application's website.

Therefore, if you want an additional tool to be able to detect the possible causes of your computer's malfunctioning, you only have to download FreeFixer for free.

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