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FunLab is an easy-to-use face editor that allows us to see ourselves if we grow older or younger, change our look, see future babies, or turn into animals


Discover your other self with FunLab's face editor

March 12, 2024
7 / 10

Have you ever wanted to change your face? Then, FunLab Android is the app you need. This app is a powerful face editor with multiple functions. We can change our age, modify our look, become an animal, or turn ourselves into a cartoon.

Much more than a face editor

FunLab APK stands out for being a face editor that uses a fairly intuitive interface. Just choose the appropriate filter and take a photo or upload one from the gallery to start editing. Below, we share its main features:

  • Time Machine function: check how you would look at a different age with a couple of taps.
  • AI Hairstyle allows us to use AI to change our hairstyle.
  • Facial features analysis system to predict the face of your future baby.
  • Bring out the animal in you and give your face animal features.
  • Apply a filter to become a cartoon in different drawing styles.
  • Care for a digital pet.

Use FunLab's powerful editor to modify faces as you wish.

Do you like what you read? Then, you should download FunLab for free to enjoy a straightforward but feature-packed face editor that offers much more than meets the eye.

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