Funny Filters for Android

Modify any image by enhancing it and applying funny filters: hats, wigs, wrinkles, scars… have a great time playing around with photos on Android

Video Star 1.2.3 English
Video Star 1.2.3

Video and photo camera with real-time filters

Retrica 7.5.1 English
Retrica 7.5.1

Photo editor for Android with dozens of functions

Meitu 10.3.0 English
Meitu 10.3.0

Make your photos fun

Sweet Snap 5.1.100936 English
Sweet Snap 5.1.100936

Lots of live filters for your selfies

Face28 2.0.6 English
Face28 2.0.6

Filters, effects and fun live stickers for your selfies

MSQRD 1.8.4A English
MSQRD 1.8.4A

Add masks and animated filters to your selfies

FunLab 1.4.4 English
FunLab 1.4.4

Discover your other self with FunLab's face editor

PicShot Photo Editor English

Add amazing effects to your photos

Spark AR Player English
Spark AR Player

Use your augmented reality effects on your phone

Pixiz 1.7.0 English
Pixiz 1.7.0

Edit your photos using filters and frames

Jellify 1.3.2 English
Jellify 1.3.2

Give your photos a jello effect

Ugly Face 1.0.10 English
Ugly Face 1.0.10

Ugly filters for your selfies

Timestamp Camera 1.210 English

Tool for putting the time and date on your photos

Time Warp Scan 3.5 English

Take photos and make videos with a time warp effect

FaceFun: Beauty Camera 1.8.5 English

Augmented-reality photo-editing app that could be improved

SNOW 11.6.19 English
SNOW 11.6.19

Chat and video call app with a live editor for Android

Perface 1.1.8 English
Perface 1.1.8

Put your face to stunning videos

Future Me 3.9 English

Age your selfies with this editor

Vaporgram 6.4.6d English
Vaporgram 6.4.6d

Return to the 90s with these vaporwave effects for your photos

Photo Warp 2.3.1 English
Photo Warp 2.3.1

Create caricatures by warping photos

MotionPortrait 1.7.2 English

Selfies come to life and speak

YouCam Fun 1.17.2 English
YouCam Fun 1.17.2

Fun stickers and effects for your selfies

Banuba 4.12.3 English
Banuba 4.12.3

Filters and effects for live selfies... and video calls!

Face Camera 2.16.100391 English
Face Camera 2.16.100391

Filters and stickers for your live selfies

PixLab English

Photo editor for Android with fun and creative effects

Face Live Camera 1.7.7 English

Camera with visual effects for funny selfies

Avatan 4.1.3 English
Avatan 4.1.3

Edit your photos with original stickers and filters

InkHunter 1.6.5 English
InkHunter 1.6.5

See how a tattoo would look before you get it

Mosaic Photo Effects 1.3 English

Create great mosaic photos in seconds

Funny Photo Editor 4.49 English

Edit your photos with fun stickers and effects

Sweet Snap Lite 4.9.651 English

Camera app for selfies with fun filters

Comica 1.41 English
Comica 1.41

Spectacular comic filters for your photos

AR effect 4.10.9 English
AR effect 4.10.9

Create entertaining scenarios thanks to AR

Pic Collage 6.88.8 English
Pic Collage 6.88.8

Edit photos and put together your own collage

FaceArt 2.3.6 English
FaceArt 2.3.6

Add doggy ears to your selfie

Thug Life Photo Studio 1.29 English

Give your photos a Thug Life touch

Super Saiyan DBZ Photo 1.15.0 English

Let Goku cheer up your photos

Stickered for Messenger 1.1 English

Fun application full of stickers for Facebook

Retroboy 2.5.2 English
Retroboy 2.5.2

Image filters to achieve 8-bit effects

The Walking Dead Dead Yourself 4.6 English

Become a zombie with the official app of The Walking Dead

Avatarify 2.0.11 English
Avatarify 2.0.11

Bring out your inner singer with the Avatarify face editor

My Cartoon Character 1.4 English

Choose category and discover your animated character!