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GanttProject is a task manager with which you can control all sorts of projects and resources. Download GanttProject free and create your own Gantt diagram


Organize all the tasks belonging to any project

April 2, 2020
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When it comes to carrying out a project, regardless of whether it's on a big scale or not, it is advisable to use an application that will allow us to have total control over all the tasks that we want to perform, and the people that are available to fulfil them, in such a way that the resources that we have are distributed properly. GanttProject is a tool that will allow us to do exactly that.

Create Gantt charts from your PC

With GanttProject we can create a Gantt diagram with each of the tasks that included within the project with a broken down structure, showing the dependence between each task and marking the milestones that have to be reached. At the same time, and in an extremely easy way, we will be able to distribute the human resources that we have available among the different tasks, thus being able to have a clear view of which task has been assigned to each member of the team.

Thanks to the Gantt diagram it will be a lot easier to find whatever error may arise in the task assignment process, so as to solve it as soon as possible, and reducing its impact on the progress of the project. At all times we will be able to know what tasks are being carried out and the resources that are assigned to them.

As well as what we have mentioned previously, GanttProject will allow us to see the Gantt diagrams as PERT graphics, and even to export them as PNG images, or to generate reports in HTML or PDF. Some other of the interesting features of the program are the possibility to export or import projects designed with Microsoft Project and the possibility for collaborative work using WebDAV.

Therefore, is you want a free application that will allow you to distribute the workload of any project, download and install GanttProject.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires that you have Java installed.

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