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With Glary Utilities you can improve the performance of your PC for free. Download Glary Utilities and check how easy it is to optimize and clean your PC

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If you don't perform the proper maintenance, the performance of any PC decreases as time goes by. To avoid this situation you can resort to Glary Utilities.

Recover your computer's vitality.

Installing and uninstalling many applications, browsing the Internet and the accumulation of unnecessary files are some of the reasons that lead our computer to losing efficiency. To solve this we can use an application like Glary Utilities, that has everything that is necessary to clean and optimize how your computer works.

All the tools you need in a single program

Glary Utilities has a vast amount of tools organized by modules:

  • Cleaning and repairing: from where we can remove programs and files that are no longer necessary, as well as cleaning the Windows registry.
  • Optimization: that increases the system startup and optimizes how the memory is used, as well as how the system works thanks to the registry defrag.
  • Privacy and security: that allows you to eliminate any trail, both of Internet browsing as well as of the computer use, as well as protecting your files from being accessed without permission.
  • Files and folders: from which we can analyze the use of the disk, search for duplicated files, find empty directories,...
  • System utilities: that includes a process manager, an assistant for Internet Explorer and other tools that simplify the process of accessing some interesting Windows functions.

All in all, if you want to have a complete program to clean and optimize your PC, download Glary Utilities.

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