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Google Goggles takes a photo of any object to identify it and obtain information. Google Goggles recognizes and translates texts in several languages

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Your phone's camera can be used for other things apart from taking selfies or photos of food to later upload them to Instagram. You can also use it to identify objects or extract any sort of information about them. For such purpose, you only need Google Goggles.

Identify everything around you with a simple photo

Google Goggles allows you to take photos of objects, places, QR codes, famous images or paintings so as to be identified and to be immediately provided with all their information. Therefore, you may find it useful to satisfy your curiosity about anything you come across or get you out of a tight spot if you're in an unknown location, when travelling abroad. It also incorporates a text recognition function that identifies documents in several languages, which is ideal for documents or directions.

Google Goggles can help you out in different situations.


  • Scan QR and barcodes.
  • Function to recognize images, places, objects and paintings.
  • Recognition and translation of texts written in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.
  • Add contacts to your list by scanning QR codes and business cards.
  • Scan text by means of OCR technology.
  • Solution of sudokus.
  • Search for products similar to those of the photo.

Thanks to Google Goggles you can make the most of augmented reality with your Android smartphone.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.2.
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