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In Gym Flip for Android we get to control a gymnast who moves across the rooftops of a city by hanging and swinging in order to produce acrobatic flips

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Gym Flip features a gymnast, or rather an acrobat, who moves across the rooftops of a large city. We can get our character to jump by using the momentum of swings in order to get to the finish line and level up.

Swing and use your momentum to flip forwards

You can choose a male of female character and the game's controls are very simple: keep your finger pressed down so that when you release it your character jumps to the next grabbable point. You have to get it just right because if not your character will fall to the ground and the game will be over (you will always be able to continue by watching an ad).

There are two particularly cool things about this game: one is moving up through the levels and discovering different scenarios which become progressively more difficult: the other is related to the esthetic side of things because as we get more points and improve our score we will be able to get more skins for customizing our character.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Ruby Game Studio
3 months ago
38.8 MB

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