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HDFull is a web with a huge catalog made up of thousands of movies and series, both classics and premieres, that you can watch for free via streaming

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We’re living the golden age of television… and no, we’re not referring to all those silly reality shows such as Jersey Shore, Big Brother or Towie. We mean that we can now enjoy watching a huge number of decent series on TV and online digital platforms. It’s hard to even think about watching them, but even harder to find all your favorite ones on a single platform of the likes of Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video. Therefore, you can choose to sign up and pay a subscription on all of them or go for an alternative as is the case of HDFullTV.

Import your data from other sites

Has your favorite online movie and streaming site closed down? Don’t worry because this streaming service is going to allow you to import all your user data and not lose out on your list of films and episodes that you’ve already seen, as well as those that you want to watch in the future.

Apart from that, it’s a web that allows us to watch movies and series in just a few clicks: we only have to browse through its huge catalog or use the search tool to find the contents we’re interested in. After that, we only have to access the contents and click on the link which opens externally to let us start watching whatever we want.

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Antony Peel
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