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Access surveillance cameras from all over the world with Insecam. It comes along with a large directory sorted by countries to view the stream live online


Great directory of online surveillance cameras

November 8, 2021
9 / 10

Insecam defines itself as the largest directory of surveillance cameras in the world. Although we don't know whether this statement is true or not, what we do know is that it has hundreds of cameras accessible for everyone.

Filtered by countries

The street surveillance cameras of Insecam appear in the column on the right. They are sorted by countries and in order from most to least. In other words, the country with the most cameras in this online directory will appear on top.

Cameras from all over the world.

If you access any of them you'll be able to click on the cameras available that, as well as showing you live streaming, will also offer you different information, such as:

  • Country.
  • City.
  • Region.
  • Latitude and longitude.
  • Post code.
  • Time zone.
  • Number of channels.
  • Camera brand.

Add your own

And if you were to know any camera accessible from the Internet, Insecam wants you to add it. There's an option on the upper part of the screen, in "Add Surveillance Camera" from where you can add whichever one you want.

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