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Thanks to the online application YIFY Subtitles you can download subtitles in any language for all the latest box office hits and series you usually watch


Download subtitles for any movie

October 30, 2020
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We all know that watching movies and series in their original language, mainly English, is much better than viewing them dubbed into a foreign language. In fact, once you've heard the real voices of Jack Nicholson or Morgan Freeman or characters like Negan from Walking Dead or Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, you'll never want to watch dubbed series and movies ever again.

Move over to original versions with the best subtitles.

Unfortunately, we're not all capable of following dialogs in a foreign language, but we can always resort to subtitles. And for such purpose, nothing better than the web application YIFY Subtitles from where we can download the SRT files necessary to embed them into any audiovisual content that we may have downloaded to our PC via BitTorrent or that we're watching online via streaming, such as Netflix, Popcorn Time or Pordede.

How to download subtitles for your favorite movies and series?

It's as easy as accessing this web for subtitles and use its search tool to find exactly what we're looking for. We can find all the latest moves like Warcraft, Her, Star Trek, Independence Day or Money Monster, but we can also explore by category or view the subtitles added recently.

Just click on any of the covers and browse to the table with all the language options available (English, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc.). Choose your preferred option and hit the Download Subtitle button. In a few seconds, you'll have a compressed ZIP file containing the .srt that you'll have to paste to the corresponding folder depending on the multimedia player or streaming service used.

Download subtitles or upload your own ones if they improve the already existing one.

Remember that in the case of Netflix, this platform only accepts subtitles in DFXP format so you'll have to convert the SRT file before you start understanding the conversations held on House of Cards or Daredevil.

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