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Ororo.tv is a webapp where you'll find the best TV series in their original version with subtitles. Follow your favorite series online thanks to Ororo.tv


Your favorite series with subtitles

November 7, 2014
8 / 10

If you like watching television series in their original version and you want to practice another language, you now have a perfect option: Ororo.tv. By means of this website you can watch online the best series at present in their original version with subtitles. A comfortable way of enjoying your favorite series from your computer without having to download files or search for subtitles.

All series in their original version.

Online series with subtitles

Ororo.tv offers us a very interesting service if we're into watching series in their original version. You'll no longer have to download series and search for subtitles. You only have to access Ororo.tv, search for the series you're following, and you'll be able to play it with its subtitles. Other features of Ororo.tv are:

  • Allows us to search for series by genre or country.
  • You can connect Ororo.tv with your social networks and share the series you're following.
  • Lets you enable and disable subtitles.
  • Incorporates subtitles in English and Russian, and lets you modify them if you create an account.

Now you'll have access to all your series in their original version with subtitles from your browser thanks to Ororo.tv.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version only allows you to play one hour and translate up to 20 words per day.
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