Activate or deactivate the options to hide or show hidden files and file extensions in Windows Explorer once you have downloaded HiFiTo free on your PC


Hide or show hidden files and extensions

October 19, 2012
5 / 10

Windows is full of hidden files that are only visible by activating the corresponding options in the system. Likewise, the OS doesn't show the file extension of known file types. Now you can use HiFiTo to activate or deactivate these options directly from the applications icon in the system tray or by means of a keyboard shortcut that you will be able to configure yourself.


  • Modify the visibility of hidden files and file extensions.
  • Establish keyboard shortcuts to activate or deactivate both functions.
  • Change the adjustments directly from the system tray.

This tool is very light for the operating system because it has been written in C and it use the win32 API. Once you install it you will be able to see its icon in the system tray, where you will be able to activate or deactivate these functions. If you need to configure the keyboard shortcut you can always activate a small configuration window for the application.

Download HiFiTo free and make hidden files and extensions visible on your Windows operating system.

Héctor Hernández

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Scott McLure