Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a game that redefines the metroidvania genre by combining soulslike elements into a thrilling adventure and exploration experience


One of the best metroidvanias of all time

March 21, 2024
10 / 10

Hollow Knight for PC is Team Cherry's masterpiece, a title that masterfully merges the metroidvania and soulslike genres to create a challenging and entertaining experience. In this adventure, we will embody the Hollow Knight and we will have to explore Hollownest, a dark and mysterious kingdom, characterized by its gothic setting and its design of interconnected levels that encourage exploration.

Get ready for a unique experience full of action, exploration, and challenges in Hollow Knight!

Hollow Knight's precise controls and balanced difficulty curve allow you to improve your skills and learn attack patterns to face creatures throughout your journey. In addition, the game offers a wide variety of charms and upgrades that allow us to customize our playstyle, adapting to different situations and enemies.

Hollow Knight offers a classic 2D hand-drawn style that captivates and intrigues from the get-go.

Another highlight that makes it worth to download Hollow Knight is its plot, which is revealed as we explore the kingdom and talk to the NPCs, which will allow us to discover the influence of the Pale King and the fight against the orange infection. And it's worth noting that even after its release, Hollow Knight received additional free content in the form of DLCs:

  • Hidden Dreams.
  • The Grimm Troupe.
  • Lifeblood.
  • Godmaster.

In short, Hollow Knight is a must-play game for lovers of epic adventures, demanding challenges, and immersive stories.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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