Hot Racing

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Race around in Hot Racing, an old style car game that offers speed enthusiasts a great time. Download Hot Racing for free and cross the checkered flag first


Simple yet addictive racing game

July 19, 2010
8 / 10

Hot Racing provides us with a different point of view in what regards to car racing games, because instead of using a subjective perspective when it comes to driving, it will provide us aerial shots, thanks to which it will be easier to check the position of our different opponents and when the track is going to change.

The game controls are much simpler than those of other simulators of this type, thus making it the ideal title for all those users that like motor sports, but that think that the majority of simulators are rather complex.

With regard to the graphics of the game, we have to say that both the tracks as well as the cars that appear a very attractive and that they all have a very high detail level.

The game has more than a dozen cars, 15 different tracks and more than 50 tournaments in which you can prove your skills.

Enjoy a different car game by downloading and installing PC Hot Racing on your computer, one of the most original car games of the last few years.

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