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Hunter X Hunter is a board game using cards in which you will be able to battle alongside characters from the famous anime: Gon Kurapika, Leorio and Killua

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Hunter X Hunter is a hugely successful Japanese manga and anime. Its protagonist, Gon Freecss, is seeking his father and, like him, becomes a hunter. During his adventure he will become friends with others who are pursuing the same goal: Leorio, Kurapika and Killua.

Due to its success, the anime has reached every corner of merchandising, action toys and videogames. Here we present one from the latter group: a board and card game for Android in which you will be able to fight alongside Gun and his friends against increasingly dangerous enemies.

Main features

  • Players will have to choose and upgrade their characters as well as build their deck of cards and keep it updated.
  • The strategy taken and the positioning of attacks on the board are essential for achieving powerful attacks.
  • Each character has different cards with their own abilities and powers.
  • You can play with Gun, Leorio, Kurapika and Killua, as well as with members of the Ghost Brigade.
  • Unlock the characters' skins and stickers as you level up.
  • The game includes exclusive pictures and videos from the anime.
Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
DeNA Co., Ltd.
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
97.4 MB

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