Hyper Dragonball Z

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A group of Dragon Ball fans has developed a great fighting game based on their favorite series full of style and respect for manga: Hyper Dragonball Z


A fan-made Dragon Ball game

February 10, 2021
9 / 10

Fans of the Dragon Ball franchise have created a game that all lovers of this saga need to play: Hyper Dragonball Z. With retro aesthetics that will delight our always-nostalgic Dragon Ball generation, this game offers different game modes for all tastes.

The game has been developed with the MUGEN engine and, for the time being, comes along with the following characters: Goku, Vegeta, Freezer, Goku Super Saiyajin, Mr Satan and Saibaman.

Goku will fight next to you in each combat.

Features of this game

  • Classic 1 vs 1 fighting game.
  • Several game modes: arcade, multiplayer mode, team mode, collaborative mode...
  • Many characters to choose from, each one with their own moves.
  • The authors have created the graphics from scratch, following the aesthetics of classic titles.

If you want to enjoy a Dragon Ball game, even more entertaining than the classics from the 90's, and also check out the efforts of a totally independent development team that has decided to share their work freely, download Hyper Dragon Ball Z.

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