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Transfer the music of your iPod music player to your computer with iDump. Copy all your songs from the iPod to any PC once you download iDump for free


Transfer music from your iPod to your PC with a single click

July 22, 2011
6 / 10

iDump is a tool that covers a very important gap left by iTunes, to be able to transfer songs from our iPod to the hard drive of our computer. It's a simple application that will allow any user to quickly carry out this action.

The simplicity of the interface will allow us to view in a single glance all the files stored on our portable player, in such a way that selecting the songs that we want to copy is the easiest task we have ever encountered.

Once we have marked what we want to copy to our PC, the program will show us an options menu in which we'll have the chance to configure the name and the properties with which each of the tracks will be saved. It will also be important to select the folder in which we want to store the songs.

If you have the need to perform a backup of the songs that you've stored on your iPod and you're looking for a program that's as simple and practical as possible, you should try out iDump, one of the best alternatives available.

Héctor Hernández

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