JClic JClic is an app for teachers that lets them create interactive applications such as word searches or associations to help students to assimilate concepts
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Clic is an application created in 1992 and used by educators to teach concepts to their students, upon which JClic was also developed. We're talking about a series of apps that can help us to create different educational activities to assist students in the assimilation of concepts: puzzles, word associations, text exercises, crosswords... And as it's developed in Java, it allows us to export the activities to any web or device.

A useful tool for teachers

This program offers any teacher a series of very easy-to-use functions to develop multimedia educational applications. It's aimed at students of different primary and secondary levels, and includes four applications:

  • Applet that allows you to embed the created exercises into a website.
  • Player that allows you to access the activities directly from the computer's hard drive without requiring access to the Internet.
  • Author that forms the main tool, allowing to create, edit, and publish the activities.
  • Reports that compiles the data and generates reports based on the results that the students have managed in the different exercises.

Animals, fractons, grammar, geography... students can assimilate any concepts with its activities.

You can create all sorts of activities such as word searches, crosswords, simple and complex associations, text exercises... and all the latter accompanied by image and sound multimedia elements, that can be exported to HTLM5 format so that they can be opened online from any location and with any browser.

Main features of Clic

The creation of activities comes along with features such as the following:

  • Use of customizable skins.
  • Use of graphics in BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG format.
  • Support for multimedia resources in WAV, MP3, AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Flash, and GIF format.
  • Sound events.
  • Waveform generators.
  • Data stored in XML format.

The project's web page also offers us access to a database with projects and activity packs that can be found according to different search criteria. These are the contributions of the authors that have shared with the community the resources they've created.

Furthermore, it also offers us a guide on how to share the projects created, all the latter under Creative Commons license so that they can be used freely at schools and other educational centers.

What's new in the latest version

  • Adds support for Flatpak.
  • Includes the VSCode configuration.
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