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aSc TimeTables is a tool to create tables with the timetables of studies centers. Download aSc TimeTables and organize your time, teachers and subjects


Create school timetables very easily

January 21, 2019
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aSc TimeTables solves the tedious task of having to create a timetable for a study center. Whether public, private or any other variant of this kind of centers of studies, the lecturing hours that the students have to attend and the teachers give are rather clear, nevertheless, squaring all the timetables to the needs and demands can work out being really complicated.

Create timetables for school or work

Thanks to aSc TimeTables, creating the class timetables will be much easier because if all the data are input, the software will take charge of optimizing the time as much as possible. Thus, we'll be able to indicate each teacher, his/her subjects and the groups that he has to lecture, as well as being able to configure the different needs of each group to be able to obtain a timetable that meets all the expectations.

The fact that each subject and teacher are shown in a different color manages to make it easier to use and, furthermore, it's much more practical when it's printed with the utility included within the program. Moreover, the complete version includes an absentee and substitutions manager, to keep control of even the slightest detail.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version has certain limitations.

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