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Google Classroom is an online teaching platform with a simple design that facilitates the exchange of information and resources between teacher and student

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Google Classroom is the tool developed by Google that works on different platforms, such as Android, to assist teachers and trainers when teaching online classes. In this case we find it in the form of a browser extension, so we can make use of it by integrating it into Google Chrome.

A platform for teaching online classes

With this software any teacher can create and organize quickly and in a very simple and intuitive way, a class that has to teach linking to it all kinds of resources and useful information for students. Thanks to the fact that it works synchronized with Google Drive, any student with access to the classroom will be able to have the necessary tools made available by the teacher.

It has been developed following the design guidelines that Google applies in their creative environments, so you can assume that we will find a simple and clear interface but, yes, with the freedom to be customized.

These are the main features offered:

  • Quick creation of classrooms to teach subject matter with exchange of information and documents.
  • Linked to Google Drive.
  • Internal communication system.
  • Calendar of tasks and events.
  • Fluid communication system: notifications, questions, comments... all in real time and with immediate alerts in Gmail.
Requirements and additional information:
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