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Hot Potatoes is the perfect way to create questionnaires of any kind in HTML format, the ideal format to publish them. Download Hot Potatoes free on your PC


Create all sorts of HTML questionnaires

March 18, 2021
6 / 10

Teaching methods have advanced greatly, thanks basically to technology. That is why many teachers and schools all over the world are starting to use the Internet to teach their students, not only by sending information, also for the creation and solution of all kinds of questionnaires.

Hot Potatoes is a tool developed for the creation of web questionnaires of all sorts, from crossword puzzles to exercises to fill in spaces in texts, using various clues or multiple-choice tests.

Tools included

  • JMatch: A utility to create matching tests.
  • JMix: Tool with which you can develop jumbled-sentences exercises.
  • JCross: Application to develop crosswords.
  • JQuiz: To create quiz-type tests.
  • JCloze: A simple utility to make fill-in-the-gaps exercises.

Once our exercises have been created, we'll have the chance to export them in HTML format, so that they can be solved via the web, something that can make it much easier to prepare an exam or to create entertaining tests about our friends or family.

If you want a simple and efficient tool to create all kinds of questionnaires, download and try out Hot Potatoes, a free intuitive application.

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