Ardora is a tool that offers you the chande to create educational material in HTML format very easily. Download Ardora and create puzzles and word searches


Complete application to create educational material

October 13, 2023
9 / 10

Ardora is a powerful and very complete tool that can be used by all those people that work as teachers or by parents that want to help their children with their studies. This application allows to easily create educational activities in HTML format, to offer the students enjoyable activities that will help them to learn.

Create school contents for the web

With Ardora we'll be able to create more than 45 different kinds of activities, like puzzles, word searches, completion exercises and crosswords. Furthermore, this program focuses on new interactive multimedia formats like the Web 2.0. It also has more than 10 different kinds of multimedia pages: image zooms, mp3 players, image and panoramic galleries.

Great help for those teachers that want to create entertaining multimedia contents for their students.

Even though it may seem rather complex, Ardora is actually really easy to use. It will only be necessary to input the elements that will form part of the activity by means of forms, and the application will take charge of creating the web page, so that the student can complete the exercise thanks to a browser.

Antony Peel

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