Khi3 allows you to carry out from simple calculations to complex operations. Download Khi3 for free and take advantage of the functions of this calculator


Complete scientific calculator with plenty of options

July 19, 2011
6 / 10

The calculator that Windows installs by default can be useful for small calculations, but if what you want to carry out more complex calculations, it will be useful for you to have an application like Khi3. It's a scientific calculator that you'll be able to access with a single click, and furthermore, it includes a variety of extra functions.

Thus, with Khi3 you will be able to accomplish simple calculations, as well as other more complex operations in which you'll be able to apply the square root, trigonometrical functions, factorization, Pi calculation (10,000 digits), etc.

Regarding the additional utilities that it includes, the ones that stand out the most are: the possibility to solve financial problems, apply currency conversions, access astronomical calculations, or small utilities focused on different fields of study like physics, geometry, statistical analysis, etc. Another interesting section includes didactic games, like Billiards, SuDoKu or Satellites.

Discover this complete universal scientific calculator and make the most of all its features.

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