Calculators for Windows

A long list of basic or scientific calculators that improve the performance and functions of the native Windows calculator when it comes to maths operations

Calculator 2020.921.0.0 English
Calculator 2020.921.0.0

Carry out the fastest maths calculations

DreamCalc 5.0.4 Professional Edition English
DreamCalc 5.0.4 Professional Edition

A complete calculator for any task

Microsoft Calculator Plus 1.0 English

A complete and attractive calculator

SpeedCrunch 0.12 English

Mathematical calculations within everyone's grasp

HEXelon MAX 6.07.08 English
HEXelon MAX 6.07.08

Finish complicated math calculations very quickly

Abacux Premium 4.2.6 English
Abacux Premium 4.2.6

Calculus program developed for chemists, physicists and architects

MyCalc2 1.20 English
MyCalc2 1.20

Totally fantastic free calculator

Khi3 3.4.8 English
Khi3 3.4.8

Complete scientific calculator with plenty of options

Moffsoft FreeCalc English

Useful calculator similar to that of Windows

RAW Materials 3.0 English

Practical weight, area and price calculator for materials

Calq 1.3.1 English
Calq 1.3.1

A basic calculator that is always available

OpalCalc 1.90 English
OpalCalc 1.90

Multiline calculator that integrates natural language

ESBCalc 7.3.1 English
ESBCalc 7.3.1

Very complete calculator with scientific options

Luckhan Matrix Calculator Pro 5.4 English

Solve matrices in the quickest and simplest way

PowerToy Calc English

A much more complete version of the Windows Calculator

CrossGL Surface Calculator 1.10 English

Popular calculator with a currency converter

Versaverter 4.5 English

Easily convert measurement units

Converber 2.3.1 English
Converber 2.3.1

Convert between different units

OfiCalc 10.1 English
OfiCalc 10.1

Incredible scientific calculator that also include a personal organizer

Trical English

A very simple formula calculator

Scalextric Track Length Calculator English

Measure the length of your slot tracks

Multicalc 4.3 English

Calculator conceived to calculate time

ATCalc 4.0 English
ATCalc 4.0

Customizable scientific and graphic calculator

Deskcalc 8.3.8 English
Deskcalc 8.3.8

One of the best alternatives to Windows calculator