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With PowerToy Calc you will have a version of the Windows calculator that is a lot more complete. Download PowerToy Calc free to calculate easily on your PC


A much more complete version of the Windows Calculator

November 5, 2009
9 / 10

Windows PowerToys are a series of free tools developed by Microsoft, that improve lots of features originally included in the operating system, like the calculator for example, that are not supported by Microsoft.

PowerToy Calc is a complete revision of the popular Windows calculator that includes many improvements and options, that should have already been included in the original application designed for Windows.

A super-version of the Windows calculator

This tool can work in three different modes: numerical calculator (that is basically the same as the original Windows calculator, with the exception that it includes an operation history), history mode (where we can control all the work we have done with the calculator) and a graphic mode, that will allow us to write complete operations so they are then solved or represented on a chart.

Furthermore, PowerToy Calc includes a complete length, temperature, weight and speed converter, which is sure to solve any problem quickly.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Only works on Windows XP.
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