Scalextric Track Length Calculator

Download Scalextric Track Length Calculator for free and measure the length of your slot tracks. Scalextric Track Length Calculator is valid for other makes

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Scalextric Track Length Calculator will allow you to measure the length of your slot car tracks (also known as Scalextric tracks by many people). If you're a slot car enthusiast and you have many different track pieces, you'll surely want to know the length of each of your tracks, and that is when this application comes in very handy.

Calculate the length of your racing tracks

With Scalextric Track Length Calculator you'll be able to measure the full length of any track without any problem. Even though the application includes the name of the main slot car manufacturer, the program allows to input the exact length of each piece so as to calculate the total length of any track, and you'll have the possibility to calculate the length of tracks by other makes like Ninco and Fly Slot Cars, to name just a couple.

The application can measure straights, curves and even lane changes so that you can have a reliable estimate of the exact length of any track.

Scalextric Track Length Calculator will measure any track, but it is up to you to put it together and then mark the best time.

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