Lemmingball Z


Take part in fierce battles in Lemmingball Z with characters from Dragon Ball Z, but similar to those from Lemmings. Lemmingball Z is highly customizable


Combat game halfway between Lemmings and Dragon Ball Z

March 5, 2019
8 / 10

Lemmings and Dragon Ball Z are two entertainment references for an entire generation that has had a great time playing these two video games. Nobody had ever imagined combining them both, at least aesthetically, but it has now been done, leading to a video game like Lemmingball Z.

Dragon Ball Z characters now fight in Lemmings.

In Lemmingball Z, the characters of the popular anime have adopted the aspect of the rodents we had to save from death in Lemmings. Nevertheless, the latter don't have the suicidal nature of that popular video game, but the desire to fight their opponents to death, just like in Dragon Ball. Furthermore, as happened in the series, as the fights become more intense and bloody we will be able to appreciate how the settings suffer the consequences of the combats, ending up totally devastated.


  • Play against the computer or in multiplayer mode for two or four players.
  • Simple controls.
  • Possibility to add your own characters, levels and movements to the game.
  • Slow motion movements.

A highly customizable game

Although in Lemmingball Z we'll miss some of the most charismatic characters of the series, we have an editor with which we can fix this shortage. Not only will we be able to create those secondary characters that we were so fond of, but also settings and movements with which we can emulate our heroes.

Relive the great entertaining moments provided by Lemmings and Dragon Ball Z, thanks to Lemmingball Z.

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