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MacDrive is the perfect solution to be able to access any HFS or HFS Plus hard drive formatted for Mac from Windows. Download MacDrive to your computer

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Do you have a Mac as well as your PC? Do you have problems accessing your Mac's hard drive from your PC? The solution is called MacDrive.

Detect, read and write on Mac hard drives

Hard drives formatted to be used on Mac use the HFS (classic Mac OS) or HFS Plus (Mac OS X) file system, which isn't recognized by Windows unless you have MacDrive installed.

As well as allowing the system to read hard drives that have these formats, MacDrive offers some additional functions to its users:

  • Format a hard drive as HFS Plus from Windows.
  • Repair damaged drives in any of these formats.
  • Record CDs and DVDs for Mac.

Furthermore, to avoid any risks with the hard drives for Mac, MacDrive can be configured so that it is only possible to read the contents of the drives, but it isn't possible to modify their contents.

Therefore, download MacDrive to be able to access hard drives for Mac on your computer with Windows.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial period lasts for 5 days.
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