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Check out Dotcom's Mega! Mega is the successor of Megaupload, a cloud based storage service. It offers 50 GB free, encryption and many other benefits


The new Megaupload; store and download files

October 10, 2016
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Mega, the successor of Megaupload is here! Kim Dotcom is back with a service that offers online storage with up to 50 GB for free, and of course, this amount can be increased with a paid subscription.

A button that will change the world.

Above this, Mega arrives with some interesting new features that diversify the offer:

  • Includes an office suite (word processor, spreadsheet...).
  • Consult a calendar.
  • Chat with instant messaging.
  • Download manager by Mega currently in development.

Encryption, the solution to all problems?

Nobody is going to make the same mistakes that forced Megaupload to give in to the authorities. To avoid the new platform from going down the same road, Mega includes an automatic file and transfer encryption system, which is controlled by the users.

Each file hosted on the Mega servers has a passcode. Only the user who uploaded the file knows it and can share it. This is the formula used by Dotcom to exempt the new platform from any kind of legal responsibility in terms of copyright.

Become part of a new storage and content download site. In the first days of its existence, a million people registered an account, a number that is constantly growing. Don't miss out and try out Mega, the new Megaupload.

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