MemInfo is a tool that will help you to know how much RAM your computer is using, in such a way that you can prevent problems. Download MemInfo for free now

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On many occasions when your computer freezes (blocks up) it is due to the fact that the RAM memory is saturated and, therefore, is incapable of processing more data, thus it is important to know at all times what you are loading, so as to be able to prevent errors.

  MemInfo is a simple utility that, by means of a small icon located in the system tray, will indicate the amount of memory that you are using at each moment. The program has a function by means of which you will be able to quickly defrag the RAM memory, thus being able to liberate some free space and managing that the computer starts to work with a lot more dynamism.

  Both the handling, as well as the installation of this tool are very simple, in such a way that any user will be able to make the most of it from the very first moment.

  Download MemInfo as soon as possible and discover the best way to prevent your PC from freezing.
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This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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