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Keep your iTunes library sorted

December 20, 2011
8 / 10

For those people who use iTunes on a regular basis, there is an essential tool that they have to install: meta-iPod. It is a small application that detects and solves some of the most common errors that can take place in our music library.

meta-iPod is launched once you start iTunes, and it scans the folders that you indicate in search of inconsistencies in the music database: duplicated songs, albums without covers, songs that are available on the iPod but aren't on the PC... and what's more, it allows the user to fix these errors from the application's interface.

Main features

  • Detect duplicated tracks, and eliminate them.
  • Synchronize the iPod tracks with the PC.
  • Detect albums without cover, and search of the latter.
  • Song ranking based on the amount of times that they are heard and jumped.
  • Metadata fixing.

Download meta-iPod, the ideal complement for iTunes!

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