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MySQL 4 Client will allow you to manage MySQL databases from your Linux. Download MySQL 4 Client for free and discover its useful functions and features

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MySQL 4 Client is the program that will allow you to manage databases with this famous free software. With this software you will be able to manage any action with this database by means of the terminal.

  The need to install a client like MySQL 4 Client is justified if we don't want to overcharge the system or if the interfaces on the Internet browser aren't of our liking. Thanks to MySQL 4 Client you will be able to easily access your MySQL server.

  You must remember that clients like MySQL 4 Client are only focused on being used by advanced users, because the lack of graphics only allows us to use it via the text command line. On the other hand, its requirements are really minimal.

  The truth is that the features included in MySQL 4 Client aren't very encouraging, because even though it allows us to manage any feature of the SQL language, it isn't possible to store functions nor is it possible to use any advanced feature, so managing an SQL server with this software can be rather tedious. Nevertheless, it might just manage to get you out of a tight sport at a given moment.
Requirements and additional information:
This download only works on distributions based on RedHat, like Fedora.
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